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January 9, 2020

Dear Mark,

We believe in free speech, as well as the value of truth in safeguarding our democracy.

We understand your reluctance to police political speech, and agree with you that our government is ultimately responsible for setting the standards for political advertising for the common good.  However, we believe your position allowing amoral politicians – and the shadowy forces who support them – to lie without consequence is untenable, and frankly, un-American.

Those of us who are appalled by the erosive impact that amoral politicians have on our community need to do something.  We need to take action.

That is why we will stand in solidarity on January 9, 2020 and blackout our profile pictures with a completely black image for 48 hrs, or as long as it takes, to demonstrate the overwhelming opposition to your reckless political ad policy (click here for image and instructions). We call on all citizens of this country, and everyone globally who is repulsed by authoritarianism, to stand with us. Stand with truth.

Our ask is simple: Listen to your employees.  1) Hold political ads to the same standards as other ads.  2) Use an unambiguous visual design to make it clear when a post is a paid political ad.  3) Restrict micro-targeting for political ads.  4) Broaden and observe election silence periods.  5) Implement spending caps for politicians and PACs.

Thank you,

The Resistance

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